2019 has been a year of great change! In addition to our new website and streamlined new publishing platform – built by our partners at Ubiquity Press – on 25 November 2019, UTS Library, the home of UTS ePRESS and the Office of Scholarly Communication, will re-open in UTS Central (pictured above).

UTS Library and UTS Central add to the array of teaching, learning and research facilities located in the University’s Broadway precinct. The move will provide staff and students with improved physical study spaces, including the much-anticipated UTS Reading Room. At the same time, the Library is launching a new online catalogue, that will deliver easier access to both the electronic and physical collection for staff and students. The relocation will also increase access to other print materials in the Library Retrieval System (LRS) located under the Alumni Green.

With this move to the heart of the University, everyone at UTS ePRESS looks forward to forging new partnerships with our talented UTS colleagues and those beyond. In making these partnerships, and continuing to publish high quality, peer reviewed research from here and around the world, we hope to always be starting and maintaining important conversations that matter to researchers and the wider community.

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